Municipal Permaculture and Micro-Enterprise

It’s official! Last weekend we presented our microenterprise design for Pine Lake, GA, and earned a permaculture design certification in the process.

We made a decision, as a group, not to let the presentation turn into “Kirsten pitches the Ecosystem”. I didn’t mention the Ecosystem by name, and the concept was just one visual of 12. Instead, we took our audience on a journey into the future and traced the path of Pine Lake from the vantage point of 2040.

Each of the groups in our class did designs on a municipal level in Pine Lake, something which appears to be a first in the permaculture world. There certainly have been municipal level designs, but we may well have participated in the first PDC course which partnered with a city for student projects.

There’s a long way to go before the Ecosystem could land in Pine Lake, but it is a real possibility. There’s an 11 acre vacant space that anchors a future commercial district on Rockbridge Rd, and interest from the folks in the audience in discussing the options further. If I knew that I’d have support from the city, I could approach the land owners and try to negotiate a 5-10 year lease with an option to buy. That would let me establish proof of concept, and from there I can line up investment to permanently secure land and expand.

I’ve got another possibility brewing, and I’ve started planting some test guilds in the land I do have access to so I can hopefully begin document yields. More on both of those to come soon… I’ve also been working on a series of more informational posts to begin filling in some of the foundation for the stories I hope to be telling in the very near future. 🙂