Best thing that ever happened!

You know that moment when you realize that something that’s awful at face value has turned out to be a huge blessing?

In August, my landlady decided to sell the condo I’d been renting for 5 years and gave me 30 days to get out.

Then, in the midst of figuring out where I would live and attempting to buy a house, my employers decided I was too expensive and started pushing me out of the job I’d had for 2.5 years.

Now I own a home with land I can grow on, and I spend my days doing freelance data planning and analysis work for local food businesses and organizations!

Someone pinch me, please.

So here’s the current plan:  Start growing microgreens over the summer and begin the process of building networks of chefs.  This is small scale – I’ve got about 40 square feet in greenhouse space.   If I can build it to $500-1000 a month in sales, my roommate is interested in leaving her job to take the lead on a market garden scattered throughout the sunny front yards in our neighborhood.  We’d target starting that next spring and run with it for a few years.I’ll continue to consult throughout – I love it, make good money, and I can control how the time I spend with a fair amount of precision.   Then when I have the funds saved and the opportunity comes along to buy land for the Ecosystem, I’ll jump on it!

It may seem like a convoluted path, but it’s a path.  And more importantly, it’s a path I can take action on, one that doesn’t depend on me convincing donors, investors or grant makers that this idea deserves a chance.

Seriously, pinch me?