Kirsten Simmons


Kirsten has never seen a DIY project she didn’t want to tackle – regardless of whether or not she’s actually done anything remotely similar before.  In 2012, following a concussion, she accidentally started a community garden in an empty clearing behind her condo.  Several teachers from the local elementary school incorporated it into their lessons and it won a grant from DeKalb county before the landowner realized it was there.  It’s now a lovely brick patio, but Kirsten is using the experience to establish the first Community Ecosystem site – on legally owned land this time!

Who else?  There were others when I started this project, but at the moment it’s just me.  Want to join me?  Get in touch – especially if you’re in the Atlanta area, I’d love to hear from you!  I’m reachable at kirsten at communityecosystem dot org.

Also, for those who want to see the certifications, I got my PDC from Shades of Green in 2015. My project focused on municipal level microenterprise design for the city of Pine Lake, GA. Check out the presentation!